Rainmaker Managed I.T.

We're different (in a good way).

  • What we offerOpen or Close

    Rainmaker provides a combination of cloud-based services from our private network and traditional managed I.T.

    Our cloud-based services give you access to enterprise-class systems you’d normally find at the big end of town. We connect you to these systems through the Rainmaker Network. We also look after all the updates, security and uptime so you don’t have to worry.

    Our managed I.T. services helps get your business technology sorted. We conduct a comprehensive site audit and then prepare a tailored set of recommendations. Once everything is setup and installed, we’ll monitor key components in your business to ensure that things continue to run smoothly.

  • How it worksOpen or Close

    After our initial audit and proposal, we’ll connect your office to our private cloud network, the Rainmaker Network.

    Once you’re connected services like email and security will be streamed from our data-centre direct to your business. These systems are monitored and maintained by our staff around the clock.

    We then monitor business-critical components in your office, helping reduce downtime and ensuring that things run smoothly.

    We have a team of well-trained geeks ready to take your call when you need help. And most of the time any work they need to do can be done remotely, so there’s little disruption to your day.

  • Get the best tools for the jobOpen or Close

    Rainmaker provides access to a suite of enterprise-class tools and applications that increase communication, collaboration, efficiency and productivity.

    These are tools you’d normally find at the big end of town, so you get a lot more, but pay a lot less for them.

    We also borrow heavily from practices of big-business, like security and user management, and then distil these down for SMEs.

  • We keep an eye on things for youOpen or Close

    The components on the Rainmaker Network are constantly monitored, updated and maintained.

    Our monitoring extends from our cloud-based services, right down to any business-critical component in your office, from desktops to printers, servers to routers.

    In most cases, we’re aware of a problem before you are, so you get the peace of mind of someone always looking out for you.

  • Work anywhereOpen or Close

    You can connect to the Rainmaker Network anywhere you have Internet access and on virtually any device, from laptops to smart-phones and tablet computers.

    In addition to letting you do the basics like receive emails on your phone, your access to the Rainmaker Network will let you securely access office files and resources.

    We can also securely connect remote offices or home terminals.

  • Better for the environmentOpen or Close

    Rainmaker helps reduce the IT footprint in your office. Resources-hungry application servers are no longer need, meaning less power is consumed and less CO2 emissions.

    We encourage clients to store business documents digitally, which helps cut down on the amount of printed material. Files can be stored on your office server and accessed remotely, from anywhere, at anytime.

    Employees can also work easily and securely from home, limiting the need to travel to and from the office every day.

  • Better for your bottom lineOpen or Close

    We have a consistent, low-cost monthly billing structure for all our services. This, combined with our stable platform and monitoring services, means there's much less that can go wrong and much less to pay for if it does.

    What’s more, our cloud-based services can be tailored for each employee; cutting costs by limiting access to more expensive products to those that need them most. It also means you’re only ever paying for precisely what’s needed.

    The Rainmaker model also helps increase your liquidity by reducing the amount of funds tied up in large-scale infrastructure and software. So you can re-invest this into your business and out-perform your competitors.