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Microsoft Exchange

Your very own corporate email solution, without the corporate price-tag.

Rainmaker’s Microsoft Exchange platform centralises your emails, attachments, contacts, calendar items, notes and tasks. We then securely deliver everything to you wherever you are and on whatever device you’re using.

Our team of super-geeks look after the updates, security, backup and everything else in-between, so you can get on with the job without the worry.

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Product Information

Microsoft Exchange

Setup costs, ongoing maintenance, upgrades and on-going support makes running your own Microsoft Exchange server in-house is an expensive exercise.  And let's not forget the physical server that's needed to run it.

Rainmaker’s Exchange solution gives you the opportunity to rid yourself of these worries and connect to our centralised service, housed in a state-of-the-art data centre, and available on-demand wherever you are.

We look after all the nerdy things like updates and security patches and pride ourselves in maintaining a 99.99% uptime standard.

We offer a health mix of mailbox sizes so you can easily and transparently select an appropriate mailbox based on your employee’s needs.  This combines with our simple monthly payment model, which gives you unmatched financial consistency and means you only ever pay for what you use.

Rainmaker’s Exchange platform is designed with scalability in mind. We don’t mind if you have 5 staff one day and 50 the next - we’re always ready to meet whatever need you have; be it hiring new staff or opening an interstate office, we're is ready to meet your exact requirements.

Managed by Experts

Day-to-day management, security, backup, upgrades and maintenance of Rainmaker’s Microsoft Exchange platform is handled entirely by our expert staff. This means you can get on with the job, without worrying about any unforeseen, unwelcome and inevitably costly downtime.

Punch Above Your Weight

Rainmaker provides the same Exchange platform that you'd find in any Fortune 500 company or Government agency.

And, unlike other 'hosted Exchange' solutions out there, ours is designed to integrate seamlessly with other components, giving you a tailored solution right out of the box.

Get Access Anywhere

Microsoft Exchange can sync your emails, contacts, calendar items, notes and tasks to virtually any device, ranging from your desktop and laptop, tablet computer or mobile phone.

Additionally, with Outlook Web App, you’ll be able to access your emails from any computer connected to the internet.