Rainmaker Managed I.T.

Managed Anti-Virus

Complete protection from the very worst cyber-space can muster.

A core component in Rainmaker's security arsenal is avast! anti-virus which provides maximum protection from malware, trojans, viruses and spyware.

avast! anti-virus combines with Rainmaker's spam filtering and gateway virus protection systems to provide an integrated, "defence in depth" model of protection for desktops, laptops and servers within your office.

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Product Information

Managed Anti-Virus

Rainmaker's managed anti-virus solution provides a broad range of reliable, real-time protection against viruses, spyware and other forms of malicious software on desktop computers, laptops and severs.

Updated around the clock with the latest virus definitions, avast! provides a superior level of protection for your business.

Working in concert with avast! anti-virus are the Astaro Security Gateway and SpamTitan email filter. These three combine to create a comprehensive, multi-layered system of protection against malware, viruses, trojans, spyware and other malicious software.

Our virus solution is run with a centralised management console, which keeps track of virus alerts, unprotected computers and weekly scan results.  Whenever the system picks up anything amiss, we're alerted immediately and in touch with you within moments.

Defence in Depth

With so much anonymous and potentially harmful content arriving into your business network via websites or emails, Rainmaker has devised a corporate, integrated, Defence in Depth model of protection.

This gives you the greatest level of protection against all the nasties out there and maintains a really high level of security.

Centralised Monitoring

We use a centralised management console to administer each component on the Rainmaker Network.

Real-time reporting of virus detections are fed back into the management console, which means we can respond immediately to virus threats and stop them from spreading.

Managed by Professionals

All avast! desktop and server clients are deployed via our management console, which means no tedious downtime during install, and managed remotely, which ensures virus definitions and software updates are always up to date. In addition, each avast! product we deploy is fully-licensed, which means you never need to worry about renewing your subscription or losing protection again.