Rainmaker Managed I.T.

Helpdesk & Support

Professional, intelligible support, only ~ a phone call, email or Lync ~ conversation away.

With Rainmaker keeping a watchful eye over your business technology, the chances of things going awry are significantly reduced.

To cover any day-to-day troubleshooting, we have a 3-tier support model which is affordable, simple and transparent.

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Helpdesk & Support

Having the most expensive business tools to maintain outsourced to Rainmaker – things like email and security – means your I.T. support is greatly simplified. 

Rainmaker has three tiers of support – premium, standard and basic.  All are rolled into a transparent monthly bill, which spells out exactly what you used for the month.  At any point in time you can kick your billing up or down a level – it’s totally up to you.

Not all support we carry out is the same.  That’s why we offer a two-tiered fee structure which is extremely competitive and separates basic troubleshooting and more complex support tasks into two different billing rates.

 We’re all about being proactive and back this up with our monitoring systems of key components.  This means that we’re aware of issues before they become expensive problems.

Connect With Us

Our support staff are easy to contact on either phone, email or Lync – which means the answers you’re after are easier to reach than ever.

Outsource Expensive Responsibilities

Rainmaker takes over the responsibility of the vast majority of expensive applications, helping to shrink your I.T. support bills.  What’s more, you’ll never receive a bill to upgrade Exchange ever again.

Total Flexibility

We offer three tiers of support, from premium, standard and basic, which lets you decide what option is best for your business.