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BlackBerry Enterprise Server

Still the industry standard for mobile communications in business.

Rainmaker's BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) gives you total control over the mobile handsets in your business.

Seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Exchange, the BES provides a centrally-managed, corporate infrastructure for better security and management of BlackBerry mobile devices.

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BlackBerry Enterprise Server

Never miss an important email just because you're on the move. Using push technology, emails, contacts, calendar items, notes and tasks are delivered instantly to your BlackBerry device. The BES will optimise data before sending it to your BlackBerry, making it one of the most efficient corporate solutions available.

While we can connect virtually any modern smartphone to receive emails, the superior security and management that the BES provides helps protect your sensitive business information.

Our BES platform automatically backs up any device profile information, like alert tones, which makes upgrading phones a really simple process.  

Your BlackBerry device can also be configured to work seamlessly with Lync instant messaging - helping keep you in instant contact with the office, even when you're out and about.

Seamless Integration

All interaction with your BlackBerry device is reflected throughout the wider Rainmaker Network. For example, if you make a calendar appointment on your device, the item will automatically appear in your calendar next time you open Outlook.

Corporate Policy Settings

BlackBerry devices can be personalised with over 450 policy settings, which can be independently tailored for your business and assigned from the BES, providing a completely standardised corporate fleet.

Rock-Solid Security

In the event your BlackBerry is lost or stolen, Rainmaker can immediately lock the device and wipe all data instantly. Once you have replaced your device, all emails, contacts and calendar items will be automatically re-synchronised with your Exchange profile in a matter of minutes.