Rainmaker Managed I.T.

Security Gateway

Network security, virus protection, remote access and a super-secure VPN all ~ rolled into one.

Rainmaker's security gateway joins your business to the Rainmaker Network and lets remote workers securely access files from outside the office.

The security gateway maintains a dedicated, encrypted link to the Rainmaker datacentre and also doubles as a corporate-style firewall, internet filter and virus scanner. 

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Product Information

Security Gateway

Rainmaker uses an Astaro Security Gateway (ASG) to establish an encrypted link to the Rainmaker Network, allowing all Rainmaker services to flow securely into your business.

The ASG has a diverse range of protection starting with the Astaro Firewall. The ASG Firewall uses a things like packet filtering, access management and Network Address Translation (NAT) to control what comes in to and out from the Internet to your office network.

Astaro's Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) is used to separate the good traffic from the hazardous and keep your network safe from the outside world. 

We’ll also provide you with daily, weekly or monthly Executive Reports, letting you know who’s been doing what and when.

Advanced Security

Astaro Web Security protects employees from a range of threats while using the Internet. Spyware and viruses are stopped before they can enter your network and cause serious damage and costly downtime. Web Security also gives you the flexibility to apply specific policies as to where and how your staff spend their time online, with all Internet access logged and arranged in detailed reports presented weekly or on-demand.

Secure Remote Access

With Astaro's SSL Remote Access, your roaming employees can securely access your internal LAN from any point on the globe via a secure VPN. Astaro's Remote Access gives employees the ability to log-in and access files, emails and use Office Communicator, anywhere, anytime, as if they were in the office.

Quite simply, Remote Access gives you the flexibility to work wherever, whenever.

Managed by Professionals

All ASG's on the Rainmaker Network are centrally-managed and monitored by our professional staff. Rainmaker will take care of everything from configuration, administration, updates and backups, leaving you to get on with running your business.