Rainmaker Managed I.T.

Managed I.T.

Enjoy the peace of mind of having your I.T. managed by professionals.

Rainmaker combines the best of cloud computing and I.T. management to give your business the most stable operating environment around.

Our team of super-geeks will look after every bit of I.T. in your office – from designing a solution, maintaining key components and helping you out with any questions along the way.

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Managed I.T.

Our Managed I.T. service connects you to big-end-of-town solutions and practices. Think of it like having your own 6-figure CTO, without needing to pay a wage.

We take care of everything, from designing the right solution for your business, to monitoring key components and keeping everything up-to-date and secure.

Outsourcing the day-to-day management of your business technology to Rainmaker lets you get on with what you’re good at, which means one less headache or added stress.

Our systems are designed from the ground up with monitoring in mind.  We’re alerted immediately to a wide range of issues, from minor events like changes in operating temperatures, right through to serious issues.

Secure, Stable and Functional

We fully commit ourselves to create secure, stable and functional I.T. workspaces.  

With expensive components like Exchange our responsibility, there’s much less to go wrong in your office, giving you an optimal operating environment.

Fully Monitored and Maintained

Rainmaker’s staff can monitor and manage virtually any component within your office.  This helps to eliminate nasty surprises and head off issues before they become expensive problems.

Whenever we notice something amiss, we’re alerted immediately to the issue and task one of our cleaver little boffins to take a look.

Simplify Your I.T. and Your Budget

No longer do you need to have big application servers running resource-hungry applications; these are streamed securely to you via the Rainmaker Network.

Our managed services help smooth out your I.T. budget and keeps your cash flow in check.