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Spam Filtering

Every day billions of spam emails are sent to mailboxes worldwide...just not Rainmaker ones.

Rainmaker's spam filtering gives you a complete solution to email security, with protection against spam, viruses, trojans and other unwanted emails.

Using really clever spam analysis, along with dual anti-virus scanning, our spam filter will put a stop to all those annoying and potentially harmful emails for good.

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Product Information

Spam Filtering

By using world-leading filtering analysis, SpamTitan is the perfect  corporate-style spam filtering solution to protect your business emails.

SpamTitan uses a comprehensive approach to separate genuine email from spam. These include Sender Policy Framework, recipient verification, SURBLs, Real-time Blackhole Lists (RBLs), Bayesian analysis, keyword, header and body text analysis along with customised scoring algorithms.  If none of those made any sense that's totally fine! Just know that unsolicited, virus-infected and annoying emails get stopped dead.

Rainmaker can also configure content filtering rules to complement your internal email policy. For example, if your business restricts sending or receiving video files, we can block these company-wide or just to specific email accounts.

Customised Content Filtering

Rainmaker can tailor an individual content filtering solution to block unwanted attachments including file types, non-text attachments and renamed files.

User Spam Management

Rainmaker delivers an automated daily spam digest to each user's inbox which enables them to view all emails blocked by SpamTitan in the past 24 hours. Using hyperlinks included in the digest, end users have the ability to release any required email instantly without having to contact Rainmaker support.

Professionally Managed & Maintained

As with all solutions within the Rainmaker Network, our SpamTitan platform is totally managed and maintained by professionals. This means that updates, including anti-virus, anti-spam, new version releases and configuration back-ups are administered entirely by Rainmaker's professional staff.