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Microsoft Lync

The simple, fun and interactive way to get your staff working together.

Rainmaker's Microsoft Lync solution connects your staff to an amazing communication and collaboration system, for use in the office, at home or on the run.

With a combination of enterprise-class instant messaging and seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Lync enables your staff to connect, communicate and collaborate easier than ever.

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Product Information

Microsoft Lync

Rainmaker's Microsoft Lync solution lets your employees communicate, collaborate and engage on projects in a new level of interactivity and simplicity.  

Through powerful instant messaging, staff can send and respond instantly to simple work requests and queries, freeing them from the need to reply to straightforward questions via email.  You 
can invite multiple users into a conversation, which creates a space where ideas can be shared and problems solved instantly.

Status lights let staff know who's available and what they're currently doing, with your current status being tied to your Exchange calendar, updating automatically if you're in a meeting or away from your computer.

Microsoft Lync is designed to work on whatever device you want to use - from desktop computers, laptops, tablets or mobile phones.

Oh, and it's really fun to use.

Presence Awareness

Colour-coded presence awareness states are set automatically based on your Exchange calendar and computer activity. Staff can also choose to set their own presence state manually from a range of options in addition to adding custom notes or setting their current location.

Collaborate & Share

Desktop sharing lets your staff share their entire computer desktop with conversation participants. This makes displaying slides, documents or applications between staff members a breeze. Staff can decide to share control of their desktop so that other participants can use their mouse and keyboard to navigate and modify shared content.

Keep Track

Whether it's a one-on-one chat or with a group, all conversations made with Lync are automatically saved into a dedicated folder within the user's Exchange account.

Notes taken during a conversation with Microsoft OneNote are automatically saved in Outlook, so you'll never need to search your desk frantically for that important bit of paper again.