Rainmaker Managed I.T.

Consultation & Procurement

We'll make sure you always get the right tools for the job.

From our very first meeting, we're busy taking notes and asking questions to know more about your business and how it works.

We then work closely with you to design a tailored I.T. solution that fits perfectly with your business and takes advantage of the latest in amazing technology.

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Consultation & Procurement

After we’ve designed a tailored I.T. solution for your business, we then source quality hardware and software components to fit your exact requirements.

We’re very selective as to what business technology we supply.  For one thing our reputation is at stake. But it’s more than that; when we source and supply quality hardware we need to ensure that it fits our managed I.T. mould. That is, can we monitor it, and can we maintain it remotely.

With partnerships with leading I.T. suppliers, all our key hardware components are backed by comprehensive guarantees, in many cases overnight replacement.

Our procurement model is designed to complement your hardware depreciation schedules to help bolster your bottom line. Technology changes rapidly, so we encourage clients to adopt a 3 to 5 year depreciation schedule on all key components. 

Understanding What You Need

We take care to understand exactly how your business operates and then design a tailored solution to match.

A workman is only as good as his tools, so we work hard to ensure your business is always well equipped.

Easier On Your Bottom Line

Our highly-developed procurement, maintenance and replacement model helps smooth out your bottom line by eliminating sporadic costs and spreading your budget over a 3 to 5 year time span.

Always Thinking Ahead

We know technology can change rapidly. Our senior techs are always exploring new technologies and keeping a close watch on where things are heading.

By working with Rainmaker, you’re leveraging our know-how to better adapt to a changing technology landscape, whilst getting access to the latest in amazing technology.